Cameron Professional Audio is now exclusively servicing the historic Miners Foundry Cultural Center in downtown Nevada City, CA

Cameron Pro Audio’s primary system consists of Rat Trap 5 mains and Rat subwoofers designed and built by Rat Sound Systems. The speaker system is a part of the arena & stadium tour system used for many tours by artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Beck, Foo Fighters, Offspring, Coachella Festivals, & many others.  The system is capable of producing a full 23Hz to 20KHz frequency range at substantial levels and sounds very “Hi Fi”. Amplifiers are exclusively Crest Audio Professional Series. MIxing desks are by Avid and Allen & Heath. Monitors are by JBL and Turbosound. Processing is by XTA, DBX, Xilica, and BSS Audio. Dynamics and effects are by BSS Audio, DBX, Aphex, TC Electronics and Lexicon. Microphones are by Audix and Shure & Sennheiser. Wireless mics by Sennheiser. Snakes are by Whirlwind.  For acts interested in performing at the Miners Foundry inquiring about a complete equipment list, please contact us at  We also have smaller systems available for smaller events, anything to fit your audio needs at the Miners Foundry Cultural Center.